“Bastøy” is a long  documentary we filmed on Bastøy, a state prison island in Norway, an interesting and human way to detain convicted men, most of them long term prisoners.

Amazing: the guards don’t carry any weapons where the prisoners have chainsaws, screwdrivers and kitchen knives.
We never felt more safe then among these guys.

This humanitarian system really works: recidivism rate is less then 30% where the average rate in Western Europe is 60 – 70%.

De film kent twee versies, een korte van 56 minuten en een lange van 74 minuten.

Bekijk de korte versie:

Bastøy, korte versie

DSC03940 DSC03837  DSC03806 DSC03635

crew: Maasja Ooms: D.O.P. / Rik Meier: sound / Albert Elings: editor / Nils Petter Molvær: original music / Alex Booy: sound design / Studio Tween: graphic design / Marianne Kleven: production assistant / Jacqueline de Heij: line producer / Rolf Orthel: producer / Michel Kapteijns: script writer, coproducer & director.

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it’s possible to order the DVD: PAL 16:9, 74′,

English and Dutch subtitles. 

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“An insightful documentary about a Norwegian prison that takes a human approach to its inmates: guards carry no guns, and there are no cells with bars. The human interactions depicted in the film are touching and poignant. I had heard of such experiments, and hope they are more than experiments, bur rather a more productive way of handling those who commit offenses to society. Norway spends more per prisoner than we (the USA) do, but the recidivism rate is much lower: so more beneficial and economical in the long run” Mary Jane Wilkie, Manhattan, NY.